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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentine Treats for The Sweet

Wanted to share some treat boxes I made this week for my crafting friends. I seen this idea on-line to make Chocolate survival kits, I just changed it up a little and had a great time making them this week.
The letters were cut out with my Cricut-A Child's Year cartridge, I really love that cartridge.
Some letters were thicker letter stickers I had in my stash.

I decided to split the pictures up so you could see all the fun details. There are clips attached with silly coupons for "gifts"...and ribbons and charms. I embossed the cardstock with one of my new folders.
I added in doilies and additional supplies I had plus lots of doo dads from the kit I received from Kathy at Paper Phenomenon, did you see the first project I made with my kit yesterday? I still have lots of supplies left to make a book with for myself.
I used bead containers from my local Hobby Lobby to fill with all sorts of candy, not just chocolate but a mixture and whatever chocolate I could customize to each persons taste.

Here is the view of the inside from one of the boxes. I did put a variety in each box to change what the person liked or not. I must admit it was really hard to have enough candy this week to use in each box.
(Stop back tomorrow to see why).
Can you see what the coupon says? Each person got this as the top coupon with a few other fun ideas. Now who wouldn't want a kiss from my good buddy Pippie?


  1. Hi Dawn, those are absolutely adorable! I love chocolate but I would be the one stealing everyone's coupons so I could get more kisses from Pippie! Am I crazy though, I thought your Pippie was a dog??? xoxo Julie Marie (Love the kitty too if that is not Pippie!)

  2. So cool Dawn! I love that you customized each box for their tastes and since they are crafty they can reuse it for supplies. Fabulous idea!

  3. What a neat those gift-boxes full of personal treats!

    And awwwwwww, Pippie is way cute...I miss having a cat (hubby is allergic)!

  4. I love this idea. How clever! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Aw, I love Pippie! And your treat box is very cute too!

  6. WOW!!!! These are awesome. Your Pippie is a doll....:0)

  7. I just adore this idea and Pippie! I had a cat just like Pippie. His name was Niki and he had just a couple of white hairs under his chin otherwise he was all black. Too cute!

  8. Awww, your such a sweetie!! These are fantastic!!!

  9. These tickets and yummy goodies are fantastic. You are such the creative little diva!!!!!Love that divine Pippie!!!!
    Kim xXx

  10. This is a NEATO Idea I Love it!!! You decorated them beautifully and I love your cat! Too Cute! I wonder if he would get along with my big orange boy. ;)

  11. That's such a great idea. Those are really cute!

    Happy Valentine's Day, by the way.


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