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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Unity Challenge

Aren't these colors spectacular? I just had to join this Unity challenge before it ended.
I have a secret... I usually print out the monthly challenge and actually make a project, then I forget to upload or even take a picture before the next challenge.
I made it this month with about 40 minutes to
 I made a sheet of background paper using the colors from the challenge. I then cut strips and mixed them all up.It was fun to place them down with a little space between each one.
 I used this adorable little girl called Just Breathe... don't you love her? I colored her with some colored pencils I carry in my purse daily...didn't have as many colors along so now I know I need to add more soon.
Thanks for popping in and checking out my cutie!


  1. This card is equal parts adorable and inspirational. I would frame it and absorb it's message daily.

    Sorry if I seem a bit like a random commenter. I'm a long-time follower who's just trying to get back into the swing of things. Gorgeous card; so grateful that you shared it today.

  2. well hellllooooo stranger!!! those colors are gorgeous. actually my local garage sale site sells colored mason jars with flowers. very popular these days.

    love the card. very colorful.

    so? how the hell r ya? i'm good but could be better. still trying to sell my house and now i have an issue with my rotator cuff. always something. i've been a little depressed lately, but once i go to prayer service it kicks me right back to sensibility, so i guess all is good.

    think of you often. we need a chat soon.

    hugs :)

  3. Do you have ANY idea how loud I squealed when I saw your post pop up in my email this morning? Squeeeeeeeal! Love your card, and yes! The colors are spectacular! Hope to see you back here very soon, dear friend,

  4. This looks like a fun challenge. Your card is adorable!


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