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Saturday, August 20, 2011

A Paper Cake Tutorial-just for you

Well I am sharing a tutorial today that I shared before- I made a decorated cake as a gift for my  daughter-in-law( for her and my sons wedding).

 I get a lot of questions about how I put these cakes together to make the designs- so that is why I am sharing this beauty one more time.

I started with a great Cake Slice Box Set-Two Tier.   and Dress & Tuxedo Box Set.

Now you could cut your own patterns if you wish.

There is nothing better then having each piece perfectly cut and scored. No guess work was needed to make sure it all was the same.
I really thought about making it with the brides color choices- red and white base- but went with Lily White for all the pieces.
I am going to share a few steps along the way making this beauty
 I found a cake platter and doily to use along with the package.

 This is what the cake slices look like flat-I also showed how I refolded all the score lines before I started assembling. I  used some
Killer White Tear-able Tacky Tape - 1/4" to all the flaps.

***  I used this since this finished cake had to be wrapped and sent 1600 miles and I wanted to make sure it held together through everything***

Here is a couple views of the cake slices assembled- I used the Atg tape in between to hold the slices together.

 Tissue paper was used inside each cake slice to help hold the shape- again this isn't necessary but I knew I was adding a lot on the top in weight and then sending in the mail.
 Here I wanted to show you how I once again pre-folded the score lines before assembling.

Assembling the tuxedo went together very quickly- just a little tape to hold the shirt in place.
I folded the lapels and taped them down to hold in place.

Now the brides dress was customized by me to match my future DIL's dress- used some white tissue paper and white tulle to make.
Here is a finished view of the extra ones that were added to the package (I did make two sets ).
On this brides dress you can see the folds and pearls.
I added a flower and leaves for the grooms corsage.

I have included a few extra views of this finished project.Ribbon, pearl bead trims, tulle, and small red paper flowers are from Hobby Lobby I also purchased the Prima flowers from Hobby Lobby.

So glad you have popped in to visit today, I so enjoyed sharing this special gift with all of you.


  1. WOWZA WOWZA WOWZA. This so crafty clever. :)

  2. Awesome! Such a great project!

  3. Great tutorial and what a wonderful cake!

  4. OMG!!! Dawn, this is breath-taking!!! I just don't know what else to say!!!

  5. Wow!!! This is gorgeous and I bet she loved it. Great tutorial. Thanks for sharing.


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