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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Planner Page Updates Oh Wow!

I can't believe I am so many weeks behind in sharing my planner pages. So I am going to share a couple weeks of past pages.
August 13, 2014 - Week 34 Challenge:  Fill the page with numbers that relate to your week (4 trips to the grocery store etc.)

Week 33: Gratitude

For this week’s prompt, include a gratitude – something you are thankful for on your page.

 August 23, 2014 - Week 35 Challenge:  Draw, sketch, paint, doodle a face or cut and alter one from a book or magazine.

Week 34: Alphabetical
For this week’s prompt, incorporate the alphabet into your page in some way. This could be just choosing your favorite letter or practicing your lettering or creating a new alphabet design!

 I try to craft every week no matter how busy or stressful my week is going...this planner has been such a blessing and helped me continue to try new things and open my mind to many things. It has also been a great way to write my thoughts and document my daily life.
I will be back on Monday with this weeks planner page.
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  1. So gorgeous! I loveeeeee all the circles!!!!

  2. Ha ha... I can never get here before Julie! Look at you go, girl! These are so amazing? You never cease to amaze me :-)

    Wedding went well! Hugs...


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