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Friday, February 17, 2012

Welcome My Guest Stef-Glitterbabe

Please welcome my Guest Blogger today Stef -Glitterbabe from Glitterbabe Greetings.

hi. my name is stef hughes and i am absolutely delighted that dawn asked me to be a guest blog(ger) at DAWN'S CRAFT PLACE (guess she likes my blog better than me - ya think???? just kidding). i'm also known as glitterbabe. i love glitter, blitz & bling. that's the princess, the show-off, the new yorker in me or anything else you want to call it. if you ask me, it's the show-off princess or the BIG JOKESTER. i should have been a comedian; instead i became a card maker - go figure.
 [me+2011.jpg]  (She is going to wring my neck for sharing this)

ok. the story goes... i started crafting back in 2002 when i attended my very first stampin' up home party and i was hooked. it all seemed sooooooooo easy. i came home and told hubby i would be making our xmas cards. he said fine (with a wave of the hand in the air). my supplies started out in a small plastic box and my work space was my kitchen table. since then i have a serious addiction to my craft and my 3rd bedroom is now my entire craft room. hubby has since passed and i need a bigger craft room!!!! sheesh. it's like putting on weight.... i WANT MORE, MORE and then some MORE craft goodies. i LOVE the stuff! it's like my CAKE!

my style is a little bit of everything and alot of nothing. i like the clean and simple look, yet i love elegance..... which i why i'm really hooked on DAWN'S CRAFT PLACE. she definitely inspires me. she also enables me, but don't tell her i said that! i love the "vintage" look but can't seem to get the hang of it. i've also recently started playing on 5-1/2 x 5-1/2 size cards. now THAT i'm loving/ lots of room to play on. oy vey! it's like the bigger the card, the bigger the room. i really need a bigger room!

anyway, as you can guess, i'm one very happy lady and absolutely love what i do. i have been truly blessed with meeting and getting to know dawn and all my other blogging and crafting friends. truth be told.... i spend alot of time ooooooooohing, aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhing and laughing my butt off with dawn. she's one very special lady!

I am so thrilled my beautiful and talented friend Stef has FINALLY agreed to be my guest. I really wanted to share some pictures of some of the beautiful cards she has made, she deletes her posts after a couple days.
I wanted to share a picture of Stef when I first met her(she was wearing a lamp shade) but I can't find it anywhere on the internet!
Bet other people remember that picture and didn't know it was Stef.
All kidding aside-I want to say that Stef has become one of my best friends and we talk weekly and share gift boxes back and forth almost as much.
Thank you for sharing a little about yourself with my followers, and being a great friend I treasure!
You know I love you !

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  1. So fun reading more about Stef!! She seems like a great gal!!

  2. I love Stef she was one of my first blogging friends,and she always brightens my day ,bless her she really is one,amazing lady,a real friend,and someone who makes gorgeous cards,she is just amazing,now watch her head grow,he he only kidding sweetie Love you hugs Cherylxxxx

  3. no. i will NOT wring your neck for sharing the picture. it's really one of my better ones (you have great taste - LOL)

    i Love you, i LOVE you, I LOVE YOU!
    you are like a sister to me and i am so very glad and blessed to call you that.

    let your friends come visit me at my blog to see my cards. nice try tho'.

    going out today. will catch up later this afternoon. sure hope ur feeling better and that DATE NITE was fabulous!

    did i tell you i love you????

  4. How cool Dawn! Steph, you always make me smile with your comments and I just took a look and your cards are cool too!

  5. Loved meeting Steph. I share her passion for glitter. ;) I'll go check out her place. Thanks, Dawn!

  6. What a fun guest this morning, Dawn! Stef amazes me with her ability to be so positive after what she's been through in the last year or so. Her personality just glitters and sparkles, just like her cards! Love you both!!!

  7. Hi Dawn!! Getting back to you again...Thanks for the follow and visiting my little blog....I'm from Menomonee Falls (near Milwaukee) where are you?

  8. Hi, Dawn! Stef was such a great guest to have over! As she's a glitter lover, I'm going to have to pay her a visit soon! Thanks for sharing your friend with us!


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