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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Your Golden Fun Project

 *** Please Check out My 2nd Post Above***
Today  I am thrilled to share a quick project using some Creative Inspirations Paint.
Working with the paints is very new to me, I am so enjoying the texture and the shimmer.
Have you ever heard of Mop n Glo? You know the floor cleaner.
Yes, that is what I used to make my project -hope you like

 I started with the plastic Christmas bulb- I added a squirt of Mop N Glo and a couple swipes of my paint brush in the  Creative Inspirations paint-Antique Gold . Swirled it around .I decided to add a pinch of gold glitter to add some texture.
I had to paint the top of the bulb because that was silver- now that wouldn't work with my gold theme.
To finish out my glittery project I added Shimmer Satin Gold from Really Reasonable Ribbon.
I added a couple glittery flowers from Micheal's I have had in my stash forever.

I love this Antique Gold- I should buy this in BULK!!!
Glad I could share my Creative Inspirations Paint project.

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  1. i LOVE mop & glo. it's the ONLY thing that really gets my floors sparkling!

    so? did you squirt it on the inside? i ask because if you say yes, it sure beats that liquid for the mica crap stuff i have sitting in a box!

    hugs :) p.s. is it summer yet?????

  2. What a great idea!!! Can't wait to give it a try - beautiful ornament, dear friend! Thanks for sharing :)

  3. Beautiful!! I can picture a gorgeous tree decorated with just blue lights and these bulbs!

  4. Love this project!!! There are several other techniques for Mop n' Glo too (which I haven't used in a long time; had actually forgotten about them).

    Love your ornament project my friend, it turned out just gorgeous!!!

  5. This is so cool I have not tried this technique and I really want too. It is the best use for Mop n' Glo. I gummed up more floors with that stuff. LOL I just love the way yours turned out. So very pretty. Is Creative Inspirations Paint something new? I need to go check it out.


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