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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Welcome My 2nd I AdmireYou Guest Blogger

 I am so happy you could join us today with another Guest Blogger.This is one way I can share so many special people that I have found through blogging
I want to share another special person I Admire.
My guest blogger is Julie Marie from Idyllhours.
Julie Marie has been one of those bloggers that has touched me with her posts.
We all have times in our life  we want to remember something from the past. Almost every time Julie Marie posts she reminds me of a special time or memory from my childhood , she shares so many special stories, and has a great way of weaving the past and present together.
I love to surround myself with people like Julie Marie that are respectful, giving, and just plain nice people to know.
You will not believe some of the beautiful collections Julie Marie has saved and acquired.
I hope you take the time to visit Idyllhours and read the beautiful posts-you will be thrilled I sent you.
I just love this special lady and her furbaby Princess Tess.
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Please welcome Julie Marie and Princess Tess

Hello there... my name is Julie Marie. My dear friend Dawn has flattered me by asking me to do a guest post on her blog today... Dawn and I first "met" not long after we had each started blogging several years ago... my blog is called "Idyllhours"... 
I am constantly amazed at the beautiful things this talented lady creates and shares in her posts... although I do not do much scrapbooking or card making like she does, 
Dawn and I share a number of similar interests... our strong pride in America and our service men and women, a love of family and friends, the Native American culture, and of course, our never ending love for all God's precious little creatures... I so enjoy when Dawn posts photos and stories about Pippie, her precious kitty...
So today, I wanted to share the story of a little stray who found a home... ours.
On a cold February day this year, Jack and I were taking our daily Nature walk when we spotted a beautiful dog running loose in the street, obviously lost, cold and hungry... I have rescued animals my entire life... doing whatever it takes to rescue them, so I knew I must get this little soul to come to me... she was hesitant at first, stopping and staring at us with those big brown eyes... I talked to her gently... coaxing her to come to me... finally she did. She had on a collar with just a rabies vaccination tag... no name or owners phone number. I took off the muffler I was wearing to make a makeshift leash and we (she) walked us home...
After two days of staying with us, I finally tracked the owners through the rabies tag... I was so excited to think she was going back home... they must be frantic I thought... wrong!... when I talked to the woman on the phone, she said "you sound like a nice lady, do you want her, we don't"... I was stunned!... I told her I would get back to her... Jack and I had sworn we would have no more pets... we were still mourning the loss of our pets as they had each gotten older and passed away... we vowed to always help and rescue them, but take no more in as our own... as we sat there trying to decide what to do with this little face, we knew she could not go back to the "home" she had come from, and no way was she going to the dog pound... just then, she placed a paw on Jack's knee and looked up at him with those huge brown eyes as if to say "please... can I live here"... well... you can guess the ending to the story... Tessy now lives in her forever home... she was not just a little lost stray that day, but a gift from God... truly Heaven sent to us... she blesses us so each day and will live here "happily ever after"... 
She is an English Pointer and was already named Tess... we added "Princess" to it so she is now "Princess Tess"... I have absolutely no use for people who mistreat animals... I am the nicest lady in the world... but can become someones worse nightmare where God's little creatures are concerned if they are being abused or mistreated...
I do what I can to help as many as I can... I hope I am making a difference... Tessy sends big doggie kisses to you all... thanks Dawn for letting me share "Tessy's Story" today with your followers... xoxo... Julie Marie


  1. Oh sweetie, thank you so much for allowing Tessy to be featured on your post today... I truly am honored! (Tessy is too!)... you are simply the kindest, most down to earth lady I know and I adore you!...sending much love your way and wishing you a blissful day... xoxo Julie Marie and Tessy

  2. What a wonderful idea to have guests Dawn!! I just loved reading Julie Marie's story about her Princess Tessy. What a darling dog and an inspiration to us all. We do have to look after our animals.

  3. Nice to meet you Julie Marie! And Princess Tess is soooooooooo adorable! Love that hat!

  4. What a wonderful story, Dawn and Julie Marie! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Hi, Julie!!! Welcome to Dawn's as her guest! You have to be wonderful for her to have invited you, so I believe you are.

    Thank you for the lovely story, and I'm already loving Princess Tess!!!


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