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Sunday, November 20, 2011

We Have A Winner

The Leader in Traditional Oriental Medicine
Slimming Collection
Jadience® Herbal Formulas’ Slimming Collection™ quickly and effectively increases
metabolism, enhances energy, suppresses appetite, breaks down fatty deposits, and aids in weight
loss. Formulated with Green Tea, Ginseng, Bladderwrack, Dandelion, and Fennel to safely
and effectively rebalance your entire body enabling it to properly utilize and absorb food and
nutrients, while eliminating excess fat and toxic build-up.

Slimming Formula

My Experience with the formula
Let me say I am such a fan of natural products, the less toxins/chemicals I need to use the better.The Liquid Slimming formula was what I started with.
This was such an easy routine to follow, and only required me taking a small serving either 30 minutes before a meal or one hour after -once a day!
It was so easy to start my day with this serving- the directions suggested 1 oz,I will say I only used 1/2 oz.
For myself I found the taste to be very similar to herbal tea , and one thing I don't drink is tea!
But I was going to make every effort to enjoy this experience. 
After 14 days of using I am thrilled to say I actually lost FIVE pounds! But, more importantly I noticed that my clothes started fitting differently-you know not as tight as usual?
I ate my normal meals, I didn't eat any friend foods, but didn't change any of my portions.
Because those days were during a busy time, I didn't get to exercise , such as walking 3-4 times a week.

I must say I am thrilled with the results! I think if I was able to combine more exercise and maybe better portion control during my meals, the results would have been even better.
Let me share some of the information with you.

 Slimming Formula

Slimming Foot Soak

My experience with the soak
 I must say this is so amazing! I am one of those girls that has feet that should be pampered.
Every other day I looked forward to coming home and warming a container of warm water and adding this luxurious formula. The directions stated to add one ounce and soak feet for 15-30 minutes.
The herbal aroma was very pleasing and the soak was almost silky feeling. When the day has been hectic, there is nothing better then this soothing soak.
My feet were softer, more pliable, and so relaxed after using this soak. I always  went to bed after with a relaxed state of mind.
Yes, this was by far  has been my favorite soak to use- I  loved using and want to always remember that feeling of pure luxury.

Congratulations to our winner-an email has been sent

Thank you everyone for taking the time to come and enter

Check back next week for the next GIVEAWAY

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