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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Satin Lollipop Flower Egg Tag

A quick post today to share something I forgot about posting.This is my extra egg I created the other day when I made my first one. I tend to always make two of everything I do.
Yes I know that is crazy but it helps if I make a mistake or mess up.So I had to use up all the extra supplies.
I made a second tag using the same cricut pattern I got from Kathy at Paper Phenomenon using the Easter cricut cartridge.Here is the post of the other one I made.
You can also check the post below for the album I made following Kathy's suggestions.
Today's tag was using the same supplies I had left over.
The only difference was I made a satin lollipop flower to decorate the front.
You have to go over to Lil Green Bugville to check out the wonderful video she shared with all of us to make these fun flowers. I picked up some satin like fabric in two shades of purple in the clearance section at my local Joann's.
I was a little nervous that I would start a fire but was surprised how easy these were to put together. I noticed putting them together that I did singe the flowers a little. I am sure I held it by the flame longer then I needed.
Check out Kathy's and Lil Greenbug's flowers you will want to make some also.
What have you been doing today to celebrate National Scrapbooking Day?
Thanks for stopping and I hope you are having a wonderful weekend. Thanks for stopping by.


  1. What a totally beautiful flower!

  2. Lovely flower, Dawn! I worked full days at Archiver's yesterday and today(and tomorrow) as we are having a huge NSD celebration. So much fun to show new techniques and ideas!!

  3. So clever Dawn, I would trust myself with a flame!! This looks very pretty.

  4. Hi Dawn, how very pretty, I love the color of it! What have I been doing on National Scrapbook Day? Looking at your beautiful blog! Happy May Day too! xoxo Julie Marie

  5. Looking awesome!

    I've been scrapping a lot of pages!

  6. This is brilliant Dawn! Beth

  7. That's really pretty. I don't think I could work with fire though! lol


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