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Monday, April 5, 2010

Video of My Craft Room...beware

OK here I am in all my glory! I decided to jump on the band wagon and clean up my act all in one shot.

1. Start doing more new things I don't know how to do like make this video.
2.Organize and clean up my craft room so I can use the supplies and tools I have
3.Not worry about embarrassing myself
4. Make some tutorial and video tutorials
5. Offer craft supplies/ cricut supplies for sale on-line

So here is my first video, be kind ladies I know it isn't the best.

It is actually kind of scary in some parts!!! Enter at your own risk.

Hope I don't loose to many followers because of this video...
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  1. Thanks for the tour. I loved how you hung up all your punches. I just made a craft area in my house this weekend, so it was great to see what yours is like. And don't be too hard on is hard to stay organized sometimes.

  2. Oh hey! Besides the fact that WOW... Im sooo jealous of your huge basement craft room!

    And well gee you put my name on there in the credits! lol.

    Okay okay, I started this comment when I saw your flyer for your classes, which reminded me the other day I was n Hobby Lobby (and oh! I soo wanted to call you to tell you and possibly ask you a question or two but it was your birthday and I didn't want to bother you)... where was I?

    Oh yes, the flyer for your classes. I saw a flyer for classes in hobby lobby here. Guess where it was hung?? IN THE AISLE. It was taped to a paper shelf display thing. You should do that too. Like if it's a stamping class hang a flyer near the stamps in the stamp aisle, or a watercolor class, hang it near the watercolor supplies.

    I think this must be the longest comment I have ever left you! lol

  3. Dawn, I have a small bedroom that I'm trying to organize as a craft room. I have a desk, chair, bookshelf, 2 sets of plastic drawers on wheels and a small table (holding my BigShot). I just bought a chest of drawers and drawer organizers to help me organize my things. Sometimes I get so frustrated in my room because it's such a mess. I'm trying hard to get it together. I loved seeing your room - it let me know I'm not alone :) Let's both keep trying! Have a great day!

  4. Hi Dawn, I love your little video! You have the soft voice of an angel, just like I knew your would! I also love your crafts room and do not think you need to do one thing to it! I also LOVE Pippie's mouse in there! xoxo Julie Marie

  5. Love your craft room, feel right at home.


  6. Dawn I love your room!! It's so have so much room to spread out!! That's great, I just have a small bedroom and I feel so crammed. Thanks for sharing!!

  7. Thanks for all the nice comments, I have only lost 2 followers this morning

  8. OMG Its so cool to hear and "see" you and your space!

    You have a nice big room, and lots of table-space! thats great!

    Now if we can work on your organisational skills! lol don't worry you'll get there in time!

    You've inspired me to try and do one of these now hehe, HUGS

  9. It takes more than that to scare me away!

  10. Very good to hear you! Your video turned out nice...maybe one day I will make a video also! I love your BIG craft room and anytime you want to de-stash your craft supplies...I know where there is a good home for them....hint hint! LOL! I'll be looking for updates on your blog about getting that room cleaned up...and if I don't see anything I will be sure to ask how the progress is going! Maybe that will keep you motivated?

    Take care!

  11. See it is motivating me already because I know there are many of you that will ask me.LOL
    Thanks everyone I really appreciate your comments, suggestions, and email messages

  12. Well, I love your big craft room! I too, am jealous of all the space you have. Not to mention the old antique wash pans and wooden ironing board. I love old things just like that! There's another reason we should get together, we have antiques in common too!

    Honey, I don't know a one of us that doesn't have a space look like that at least once or twice a week. My space is shared with Ashea's room and sometimes you can't even see her bed! I love all the table space and cabinets you have!
    Great first video!
    I want to see more......
    Kim xXx

  13. Great video, Dawn! I think all crafters can relate, since we all "collect" things, LOL. I mean, who can have "too many" of any craft item??
    I am SO jealous of your HUGE craft room--I have a desk and a closet in my kitchen...(and, yes, it's messy!)
    Thanks for your comment on my blog. Maybe we can keep each other motivated, ha ha!

  14. You must think we're a bunch of wimps if you think THAT'S gonna scare us away! Honestly how many of us can say our spaces haven't ever looked like that???? ZERO! You'll clean it when you want to. In the meantime I'm so jealous of all your space!!! Trust me you don't want to see pic's of MY work space!

  15. I came back to watch your video this morning - such a great job accomplishing a video!! You have such a sweet, soft voice. You know all of our craft rooms are different, and I think we all have a mess at one time or another. You'll get what you want done in there when you are ready! I have a whole room dedicated to crafting. Isn't it nice to have space? I especially liked seeing Pippie's mouse (we have them all over!) and the antiques on your wall. I love antiques, too.

  16. that's a huge room! i'd love to come over & organize you! lol!

  17. wow .. how lucky are you to have such a wonderful space for your craft room... as for the mess.... glad its n ot just me my room is about a quarter of that size and ... equally as messy.. trying to work in a 6" square most of the time lol.. cant wait to see an update ... !!! thank you for sharing.

  18. I put a video up of my craftroom now, and its all your fault! LOL!

  19. thanks for showing your craft area i wish i had a whole room thanks

  20. You think that is scary?
    I love it and I would love to help you organize. I am an organize want to be. I am always organizing. Now if I was organized I wouldn't have to do it all the time RIGHT? I posted a video of my room here if you want to see my room. Another great blog for ideas is Susan is doing a bunch of post on organizing her space. They are fantastic.
    Oh that old lamp Goodwill will love it. You need bright light. It feels so good to take stuff there. I like things out too but if you have a drawer for every thing then you take the drawer or box or basket out and you can put it away. I even have a drawer called Stuff to put away. LOL You should see the mess down there now. I just got a bunch of new paper and stamps. It is that time of year when we feel like we need a new nest. You will do it. I know you will. I can't wait to see the after video. It was great to hear a voice to go with the picture.
    PS thanks for posting my candy


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