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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Check out My New Video

Yes I finally got my video posted on my blog. I made this video last week after cleaning up and organizing my craft room.

I have spent the last 3-4 days trying to upload to blogger into my posting. Hours and hours wasted!
I can't believe I went back and tried one more time and it worked like magic.
Thanks for checking it out and let me know what you think about my video. I am so new to this but I am learning along the way.
Do you have pictures or videos posted of your craft room? Leave a link so I can check it out.


  1. hey, you could just try to google for uploading videos to a whole bunch of results..

  2. I just uploaded to my facebook and made sure I have my settings for the vid on public :)

    OMG Look at all your sticker packs, and wow your original was 32 minutes!? Gee Whiz!

    Great job on the vid, I'm so jealous of your inks and all that space and storage!

    AND SWEET LICORICE ALLSORTS, I thought I had too much ribbon, my goodness I am so showing this to my mother to get her to realise mine is nothing compare to that HAHAHA!

    LOVE Pippie, she is the sweetest thing, my cat has no care factor until he wants to get fed lol...

    GREAT VID, Thanks for the Kudos, guess now I have to do a 'whats in my drawers' vid huh? lol.

    I so wish I could come craft with you, your so friendly and happy!


  3. Oh you have been working very hard1 I want to come and play. Did you go see mine? I left the link but if you need it again. Let me know. Were is that paper orginizer for at the end of the video?

  4. Alright, I used to think I had lots of supplies, not anymore. Girlfriend, I could come to your house to shop! I LOVE how organized you are. I just wish I had a room that was mine, all mine! I'd sure love to be there at one of the tables with you someday, scrapping and having a good time!
    Great job on the video!
    Kim xXx

  5. Ok, Wow, can I come live in your craft room???

  6. This is me, still being jealous of your large craft room when I work out of a small closet... lol.

    It cleans up nice. Maybe I'll make a video too... someday.

  7. yes i saw your craft room love it wow u have alot how long have u been stamping? i'm going to make a video of my craft area not much to it very small lol

  8. Lady, you always were amazed by my quantity of stamping stuff - well now I can honestly say you either equal or surpass me. The only place I still out pace you is with actual stamps. Love your great, inviting space. Can't wait for our next stamping session.


  9. Wow I so wish I was rich so I could fly to see you and craft with you in your craft room! You have so much stuff, I was drooling watching this video! You have like a bazzilion ink pads and dont laugh, but I have one! and your ribbon wow, you are very lucky! I know it was all well earned, hopefully one day when I can work I can have a craft room like yours! Just to reply to your comment, things are not going good with the doctor and getting me into the hospital its like a six month wait unless my hubby has benifits which he doesnt. I wish I could actually talk to you, you give me comfort and I think about you every day because you have been so sweeet to me, thanks for caring. *BIG HUGS* Candace

  10. Yah! I came to check up on ya and lo and behold you did organize and clean up! IT LOOKS GREAT!!! I just love that space you have and Pippie is such a doll! :) I am sooooo jealous of your clip it up!! I thought I had alot of! You have a TON! I would love to swim in all your crafty goodies...LOL! I really think you did a great job! Oh and as for painting the paneling...I actually like it the way it is but it would look good in white also. The ribbon idea was really neat! Hmmm, what else? Oh yeah, I think you already saw my craft room pictures on my blog....nothing too fancy. Hope to get more creative and organized in the new house...whenever that will be! HA!
    Take care!

  11. What hubby was leaving for work and I told him I couldn't come and tell him goodbye because I didn't want to miss a to see Pippie...I have 4 cats in my craft room....someday will post working on it right now...half of my room is sewing, half is paper crafts, its a big room, its the old master bedroom, so has a bath off it too...convient!! Thanks for sharing, I don't feel so bad now with all MY stuff!!!

  12. Your supplies are unbelieveable! Thanks for sharing. I love cats, but my husband is allergic.

  13. Wow Dawn! You have more stuff than I could ever dream of and tons and tons of it at that. Boy I'd love to spend a day in your craft room.

    You cat is so cute too. I grew up with a cat that looked just like her.

  14. Aw man, I am suffering from craft room envy! You have a lot of goodies!

  15. Nice room.... Thanks for sharing..

    What Pippie's thinking.
    Paytention, now Mama!!

    Boy Pippie sure love getting attention and being the center of attention...

    I love cats and Pippie is adorable.

  16. Hi there, I just watched both your before and after videos. And you did a fabulous job of cleaning up and organizing! It's a great place to create! TFS


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