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Friday, October 9, 2009

Pippie gets a gift from Melissa

My daughter Melissa sent me a gift box this month to thank me for helping her with her cat Blackjack.I love my daughter so much for her generous nature,She loves to buy "gifts" for everyone-including Pippie!
She had a gift in the box for my beautiful cat I decided I would make the attempt to try on the outfit. Let me say that I am not fond of dressing animals in clothes...

Here she is on the couch in the full outfit

Here she is just a little freaked out

attempting to stand up

Up on the front paws, but really not sure what to do.

Down on the floor, and not able to stand straight
Up on two paws again

Won't look at me for anything
What is it -not being able to stand up straight?
I finally took off the antennas

Now she finally looked up at me and I could almost hear her say, Are we done -can I get this off now?
So did you like her bumble bee costume? I think I will donate to someone that enjoys dressing their animal in costumes.


  1. LOL. Oh my gosh! that is soooo cute!!!! Awwww....

  2. How cute! Your DD is probably lauging out loud at these photo's! You know, each month when our dog is groomed she comes away with hair ribbons and a bandana, and she always looks so pretty! I actually stopped yesterday at Wal-Mart and looked at Halloween doggie clothes, but 'self' said that the dog would hate them, and away I went...tee hee!

  3. Hello Dawn, Pippie makes a precious little bee! I have seen dogs in Halloween costumes but not a cat... I don't think my kitties would have ever let me do that, I would still be trying to get it on them! Kitties are so fun... kitty kisses Pippie! Bisous... Julie Marie

  4. aww, she is all ready for halloween! my cat would claw me to death if I tried that;)

  5. I laughed as I read your post because I knew just what Pippie would do next! Sassy is not fond of clothing - not even scarves for the holidays. A complete opposite of our beagle. Chanel actually sits up and waits for clothes. What a pair - and what a great post!!

  6. That is really a tolerant cat! Our kitty, Julie, would have attacked us if we dressed her up. Just love your pretty kitty, outfit or no.

  7. Ok this is a riot Dawn I say make her wear it a little bit each day to prep her for Halloween! She is too cute! Beth

  8. OOh Dawn,
    That was a funny post.Poor Pippie.
    My cats wouldn't let me put an outfit on them. Pippie must be a very relaxed kitty to let you put on that outfit....Too funny


  9. I love what you said about the last photo. I'd say you were 100% correct in thinking that. I do like the bumblebee costume, however, I agree with you.
    kim xXx

  10. That is hilarious!! If I tried to get my cat in a costume we would both end in a bloody mess (mostly my blood); That's sweet that you got a costume on.

  11. OH I FOUND IT!!!

    Omg how cute is that!!!

    My cat would not cop that at all, he hated having his jumper on, I'm working on a scrap-page about it now!


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