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Monday, May 19, 2014

Making Scrap Paint Flowers

Making flower embellishments that can be layered and added to pages in my planner.
Maybe you have noticed since I started to share projects again that I have been doing so many "different" types of projects then I usually posted before.
This past year has been a year of much loss and changes, I made the decision to do more things I want to do and things I have put aside. Can you believe I had purchased at least (FOUR) on-line classes I hadn't even watched or completed? I have been watching and learning all types of fun ideas.
This past year I have done two cleanings of my craft cave and removed many items I didn't use or enjoy.I had one rummage sale and posted some on-line and the rest went to friends and Goodwill.
I am getting ready to purge once again and hopefully lighten my load.

These are just a few odd shaped flowers I doodled quickly...I always carry a little bag with a marker, scissors and scrap sheets to doodle on and cut out.While sitting at work and watching TV I can cut several sheets.
 Let me share with you how I always use up my left over paints whenever I am painting.
When I am crafting I always keep scrap paper, old book pages, or even paper bags.
Do you recognize this bag? We had dinner at Chipolte restaurant and I cut the front of the bag to use as a page in my planner and the back of the bag to use my extra paint on.
 Using watered down Gesso
 Letting all the pages dry and ready whenever I have extra paint.
 I always have a piece of punchella to use to add a pattern or sometimes using a stencil.
I even wipe my finger on one sheet to use every drip of
Hope I helped you think outside the box on this quick share of using extra paint.
Have a wonderful day!

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