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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Oh Yes It Did Happen!!!

50th Happy Birthday Cut the Cake and Celebrate the Birthday

Do you follow me on Facebook? This is a message I shared this morning- I am having a great day and lots of laughs!

Ok ,so today is my birthday-not any birthday but the big 50-oh yes it is!
The number doesn’t bother me at all, really it doesn’t
BUT, let me say what has started out as a day to be home and relax has really not worked that way.
There I am sleeping , my dear honey has closed our bedroom door when he left for work earlier- yes our sweet Pippie cat loves to come and poke and play to wake me up early.
I can hear my water fountain slowly gurgling ,it is warm and comfortable....DING DONG,DING DONG,DING DONG.....wait for it DING DONG,DING DONG,DING DONG.....
bam, bam,bam!
Really it is 8:20 am who could be so rude to wake me on my birthday? I head to the door and see this very large man holding a beautiful bouquet of flowers!!!
awwwww how sweet, he says “sorry mam it is so early didn’t want to miss you before you left for work!” Now how could I be mad about that, he doesn’t know I am not working today.
Ok beautiful flowers from my dear daughter and son and cats...they smell wonderful and are such cheerful colors.
This is going to be a great day- I sit down to read my emails and texts.
Ring,ring ring ok my phone doesn’t sound like that but you get the point!
I answer without looking and get a very sharp speaking bill collector ready to chew me from here to kingdom come about missing my scheduled payments!
THIS IS NOT FOR ME- they have called the wrong number, I nicely tell her she has the wrong number. So she hangs up, no sorry I bothered you or howdy do. I go to sit back down when yes it rings again! Now I know to look this time, you aren’t going to believe it is that same number again! I answer and she says something to the effect that I must be lying about the person she is looking for.Really???
I just hang up at this point and take the phone with me this time.
I settle down to open my cell phone when Ring, Ring, Ring once again- you know who it is don’t you? You got it ,my not so friendly bill collector for someone else. I am drawn like a moth to a fire- I have to answer it. What makes someone try three times when they have been told it is the wrong number?
Hello I say as calm as can be, are you ready for this? I hear the ladies voice but she is speaking Spanish!!! Really yes she was. I interrupt and tell her it is still the wrong number in any language.
I finally settle back to read my emails and texts...I open the first email... Let me say this is a paraphrase of what I read!!! We know you feel bad about the way you look and all the extra weight you have put on this year-let us help you get that perfect body for you with our plan!!!
Really? On my 50th birthday my first email is about being fat??? Ok, I am plump but I own it and on my 50th I am allowing it to be.
So I get to read many wonderful,uplifting,loving emails, texts from friends, family it was so spectacular to read each and every one of them...I must be....
Wait, is that loud talking I hear? I look up at my picture window and see a group of older (like myself) ladies walking holding books and briefcases. Now I live in a school zone (3 actually) so that wouldn’t be a surprise in my neighborhood...I hear their voices getting really closer now...before I can spring in to action and jump off the couch (now you know you hide from them also) they are looking through the window of my door directly at me!!!
Now let me say I am not knocking any religion and your choice to practice but do you have to go door to door in my neighborhood, early morning and come on my birthday?
Oh yes it was my favorite type of solicitor! Holding many pamphlets ,one of the ladies smiled brightly I couldn’t just walk away could I? I opened the door and with a smile on my face –I SHOOK MY HEAD NO- and closed the door!
Aren’t you proud of me? I didn’t yell, I didn’t swear, I didn’t say anything mean. I usually don’t anyways but I did want to stress that today.
So it is now a little after 10:00 am I decide I am going to make myself some breakfast and pull out some eggs and bacon-while warming the pan I search for the spray Pam, are you kidding me? NO SPRAY PAM!!! who used the 5- half and quarter used cans that are always honey must of went on a spry using them all-drats!!!
I decide to fry without-I am sure you know how this is turning I crisp 3 pieces of BACON in the microwave...toast is done.
I put it all on a pretty plate I save for guests and put it on the table to sit and enjoy.
RING,RING,RING- no it isn’t the Bill collector!!! lol
It is a number I don’t recognize but what the heck I answer it is a recorded message from a company I purchase from. They have called to wish me a happy birthday- how sweet- I even have to say it paused when it came to the number of years and this robot with a mouth full of marbles said 50 years- I had to chuckle. Well how nice.
I go to sit back down to enjoy my less then perfect eggs and BACON (by the way anyone that knows me KNOWS I LOVE BACON) but I forgot there is one person that loves BACON as much as I do PIPPIE my cat!
You can see it now can’t you? She has snatched two pieces of BACON and finished one and is working on the second. Hey she at least left me one!
Ok it is 10:30 am not sure if I should close the drapes and climb back in bed? I have a tele- class coming up soon , who knows what else can happen. I am so intrigued, maybe wonder woman will fly by, maybe I will get a call from the sweepstakes saying I won oh wait we have the wrong
Darn it I am going to have a good 50th birthday no matter what
If your reading this thanks, I was glad I could share and hopefully make you laugh.
Yes, it really all happened but it is all good it is my 50th birthday!

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  1. Happy Birthday Dawn! Welcome to the other side of the hill ;) I really enjoyed your post. My 50th birthday was similar but without the flowers.

  2. LOL Love your fun post today Dawn. And HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY Birthday my friend. Sending hugs your way!

  3. Hope the rest of your day turns out to be wonderful. Happy Happy Birthday!! I love your story today. I so hate bill collectors that can't believe they have the wrong information. I had one who asked me if I was sure about that person not living I gave him a smart A@# remark by naming all of the people and animals that lived in the house.... and included Ants, bugs, birds, and unwanted guest. LOL

  4. What an exciting morning Dawn, oh my! HAPPY BIRTHDAY Sweetie!!! May you enjoy 50 more wonderful years CRAFTING!! xoxo~Cheryl

  5. Oh My Goodness lovely Dawnie, you have had an epic Birthday already!

    I totally laughed out loud at Pippie eating your bacon!!! She saw her chance and took it, like a good cat would! LOL You can see the look on her face "I regret nothing!!!" I am with you there on the bacon though, I LOVE bacon!!

    I seriously didn't think you were 50 at all! You look beautiful and amazing, and of course your personality and heart is so big and beautiful which is all that really matters!

    Happy 50th my dear, lots of love and hugs to you xoxo

  6. Except for the crazy phone calls... sounds like you had a WONDERFUL birthday!! HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. omg!~ i am so lmao! u sure u're not dreaming this????

    love u bunches and i KNOW your birthday was FAB-U-LOUS!!!

    hugs :)

  8. Oh my gosh, Dawn...what a fun day! lol... Don't you just hate those phone calls? And now, they are calling our cell phones too...ugh! Glad you had a nice day at home, complete with flowers! I got flowers from DS and his lady, and DD and DSIL too! We are so special! And you, are still so young!!! Hugs...

  9. congrats on the big one! my dh gave me a party for my 50th. his job was to pay for it and get the cake. all is going well a wonderful group of peeps were there and the hostess, whose volunteered her house comes to me and says, there are no candles for the cake. does your husband have them somewhere? i look at her and say , i have no idea, that was the part of the day that he was handling. she makes a face and i hear some ruffling in the kitchen. she comes back ok, i have a few candles but no where's near 50 but i have a 3,8, and 12 tealight candles. will that work. i'm like sure sounds good to me. so without further ado she puts the 3 and 8 on the cake and brings in a separate plate with the tealights on them. so just thought i would give you another funny since you shared your with us. enjoy!

  10. Happy Birthday!
    Lot's of people are thinking of you on your birthday;
    I just wanted to let you know I'm one of them!

    Hope lovely surprises are coming your way
    To make your Birthday a Wonderful day

    May brooks and trees and singing hills
    Join in the chorus too,
    And every gentle wind that blows
    Send happiness to you.

    May this birthday be just the beginning
    of a year filled with happy memories,
    wonderful moments and shining dreams.

    Today take time for you,
    And enjoy every little thing you do.

    Sending warm and loving wishes
    Of happiness and cheer,
    And everything you need to start
    Another happy year

    Here's to celebrating you!

    Remember; the more candles you have, the Bigger the wish. :}

  11. Happy Happy Birthday a day late. I am so behind now that my 93 MIL has joined us and to day i am off to Chicago to see a play with my sons.
    Are you going to the Expo the 18 and 19? I am working the Raisin Boat booth. I will be doing the make and take. I hope we get to see each other. Happy 50 you only have 10 years to catch up with me. LOL

  12. Happy belated birthday, my sweet Dawn!!! No matter what I'm sure such a wonderful person as yourself had to have a wonderful day... lol!!! I'm sending lots of love, hugs and special wishes your way!

    Pippie is just tooo adorable -- and why shouldn't he love bacon?!!! LOL!

    Hugs, my friend!

  13. This is so funny, I love the bacon and pippa!! I love yo so much little sis, Take another day and make it an unbirthday and try again! oxoxoxoxoxoxoxo


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