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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Welcome Lisa Rojas ~I Admire You Guest

I am so thrilled to share a special guest with you today, I have one of the nicest people I have met.
Some time back I decided to make some changes in how I should grow in the craft community, I was so fortunate to find the right person to answer my endless questions...Lisa Rojas!!!
Yes, this lady is a wealth of information and helped steer me in the right direction.
Let me share some of her information.

Lisa Rojas has been a mixed media artist and instructor since 1995.
Lisa began designing for publication in 2000, with her work appearing on the web, national advertisements, and in various craft and home decorating magazines. She also has designs published in seven multi-designer books. She has over 150 of her designs published to date. Lisa works with many manufacturers, using their products in her work. Lisa is also an active member of the Craft and Hobby Association and serves on the board of the Designer Section.

Give the Queen a Call!

I wanted to share one of the many projects I have seen on her blog that I really love.
You can go to the link below and see a close up of the details
Here is the post from April 2nd ~ 
I hope you pop in and visit Lisa, let her know I sent you 

Oh yea I was a guest yesterday on her blog, how excited I was that she would let me be her guest. 
Won't you pop over and leave a comment !

Would you like to be a guest  on my blog? Please contact me through my link in the top right corner if you have an idea you would like to share with me and my followers.
Thanks Lisa.
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  1. what a great idea to show other crafters on your blog. share the love! it's so nice to get ideas from many places. i hop around and look at lots. haven't gotten into the idea of pintrest yet. i've heard you can go there and get lost for days ... i need no help for that. thanks again for sharing. look forward to seeing what's on your blog every time you post.

  2. Hi Dawn, Daisies are my favorite flower and I love the saying! Your friend's project is so cute!

  3. Love Lisa's project. I visited her blog, and you're right - she's pretty amazing! TFS

  4. wow! love the card!

    i received my stamp from your candy win. it's huge!!! what fun!

    if it's not the dog, the house, the car, it's the freakin' computer! if u ask me... i think because i have WINDOWS XP and it's NO LONGER "out there", they're messing with me to buy something better. not happening. maybe son will get me a new computer for xmas. what a dreamer!

    all else is good. how 'bout u???

    hugs :)

  5. Love-love the beautiful project! And you're right, Lisa has a great blog and she's a very talented lady!!!

    But..., you're still #1 in my book!

  6. Can't wait to check out her blog - love what you have showcased here! Hope you are well, sweetie! Enjoy your weekend :)

  7. Hi Dawn... just stopping by to say hello... miss our chats... you must be so busy now being back to work... yet you still create sooo many pretty things!... wishing you a blissful Sunday, xoxo Julie Marie

  8. What a super cool guest. I will have to go to her site and check it out!

  9. Wow!! She is AMAZING!! Thanks for sharing her talents on your blog!!!


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