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Friday, February 10, 2012

Welcome My Guest -Erika Taylor

There are so many wonderful, talented, and truly amazing people I have met through blogging.
I have decided to continue with 2012  I ADMIRE YOU- I will do my best to share as many of these spectacular guests with you.

Invitations have been sent, I am willing to beg, plead, whatever it takes to get some of these wonderful people to share something they are passionate about, or maybe a talent they never know what you will see.

Let me share my guest today, I am thrilled beyond words that she accepted my humble invitation.

My first I ADMIRE YOU guest for February 2012.

Every moment of our lives is precious; Every person important on some level to us; Every experience brings us closer to our own truth. 

Hello everyone, my name is Erika Taylor and I am truly honored that Dawn has asked me to Guest Blog here at Dawns Craft Place. I sat and wondered what I should post, create and share with all of you and after some serious thought, I began realizing that the words would simply come to me when they were ready. I am ready now…
First off a little about me. I’m a Calgarian through and through, married to an honest and loyal man named Mark who is my biggest supporter. We have 2 great children aged 4 and 7, who light up my life every day. I have had the blessing to be on design teams for Tattered Angels, Basically Bare, Helmar Adhesives and Dixie Pieces just to name a few. I love creating cards, layouts, altered art, jewelry and mixed media and if it sparkles I WANT IT!!! I love Tiramisu and Malbec wine and there is nothing more inspiring than true friendship.

I have always loved crafting and shortly after our son was born 7 years ago, started dabbling in card making. It wasn’t until we moved to Southern Saskatchewan, that I became extremely passionate about it. Perhaps it was that I was so isolated, that I started noticing a lot of crafting blogs, forums and such that I could become a part of.  Being so lonely, I yearned for companionship with like minded women. To this day, I am ever so grateful because it was this community that helped me get through some of the darkest times in my life.
When we moved back to Calgary, I was diagnosed with depression and immediately started taking medication. Talk about a HUGE difference a little pill can make in one’s life. Clarity started showing itself, I started embracing who I was once again and all the while I had my crafting community. Most didn’t know anything about this, but I decided to break my own silence in hopes to comfort even one person. Suffering from depression isn’t something any of us need to be ashamed of. Life happens and sometimes we all need a little help to get us through the clouds of gray.

When the children and I were driving back to live in Alberta, I stopped to take a picture. A picture that was the beginning of my new journey: A Light through the darkness. I wanted to share with all of you the layout I created from that photo. The background is created using Tattered Angels Glimmer Mists.

Never feel alone. Never stop believing and Never feel embarrassed. There are people that understand and will help you when you least expect it. Coming home is more than a destination, it is a journey. KEEP LIVING IT!!!

Now I know why I admire Erika, I am drawn to people that are strong, intelligent, and able to share parts of themselves and still keep us wanting more.
Really I stumbled upon Erika's blog some time ago and I remember bookmarking some of her posts.

This project is amazing and Pink , you know I would be drawn.Can't believe it was back in June of 2010!
My next favorite I had to share is this amazing layout titled Ballpits Are So Stinkin Fun...
This took me back to when my children were younger and the colors are so amazing.

(I also think those ballpits are STINKIN) lol...
These are just a few of my favorites out of dozens and dozens from this talented lady.

So let me say THANK YOU Erika for remembering my invitation and being such a sweetheart to share with all of us, a little part of your self.
Hugs my friend

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  1. I love this whole concept, Dawn! What a fantastic idea!
    It was great to get to know Erika and to see her beautiful work.

  2. oh this is just great Hun what a wonderful idea,love,Erika's work hugs Cherylxxxx

  3. I love Erika! She is an amazing artist and a wonderful person!

  4. Thank you, Erika, for sharing your story. What a great idea - guest blogging!

    I, too have been diagnosed with depression, and I have been on meds for it for the last 30 years. It took several docs and several years to find the proper meds and therapy, but we finally did it! It runs in my family, and my sister committed suicide. My other two sisters have been in and out of mental hospitals, and my two daughters and son also have it. My oldest daughter is in crisis right now, and we don't know what to do to help - she won't talk, text, email or see us, and we don't know why. A positive outlook on everything, if possible, and my faith in God is the only things that get me through. I also have the support and love of a wonderful husband of 33 years. Thanks.

  5. thanks for sharing erika, now I feel like i know you a little better!

  6. What a touching and beautiful post! Thanks Erika!

  7. Erika, you rock in more ways than one! Hugs!

  8. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Erika! She is amazing and a true talent! Thank you Erika for sharing your story - you are AWESOME! I love your lo!! GORGEOUS photo and loving all the butterflies!

  9. What a great idea "2012 I admire you" Dawn. and Thank you Erika for having the courage to share a part of yourself. I'm humbled to be your friend. xxx Steph

  10. Thank you Erika for sharing a bit of your story. It was perfect timing for me and just the right encouraging words that I needed at that very moment. You are a blessing and a very talented artist. Thank you Dawn, for sharing this sweet lady with all of us :)

  11. Thank you for sharing with us Erika - I know exactly where you're coming from - and we need to talk about this instead of hiding it.

  12. Erika you are so beautiful! I just love every moment I get to admire the strength and talents you have. You inspire me in so many ways. <3

    ~ Grace ~


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