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Friday, February 3, 2012

Craft Room Organization Part 2 (lots pics) WINNER

I am back today to share my second half of my craft room pictures.It feels good to have finished so many projects.
If you can check out part one organizingI shared on Tuesday.
 These are some of the drawers that were stuffed full and unable to open without a great effort.
Chipboard and doily's I cut up and use . 

 I was thrilled to get the same items together and easily accessible when I need them.
I was amazed at how many of the products I didn't even know I owned.
Tattered Angels, More chipboard
 Then I decided to clean out my hanging organizers- these hang on the wall and hold lots of supplies.I have three of them handy when I need them.
 Have you seen these Tim Holtz luggage pieces? I used this small one to put many of my embellishments so I could have them in one place.Next I want to decorate the outside.

Can you believe I went even further? I have these odd pieces of older furniture, the shelves were JAMMED full of things. I cleaned off everything, and got rid of many glass containers I didn't need anymore.

I love how clean they look now and I can enjoy some of my favorite finished projects.

 Last of all I cleaned off my workspace! I love to have most of my supplies near me so when I take time to craft it is there.

 See how much space I have now to work in? Sorry the mat looks so bad-I really need to clean it with a heavy duty cleaner.

So how did you like what I have finished so far?
I have more things to do but I am thrilled with what I accomplished so far.

Thanks so much for the visit

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11 Sharon said...
Good job Dawn! It seems that ever since I started my blog called Diary of a Craft Room Organization to hold myself accountable for actually organizing it I've gotten further and further behind. Does anyone else have this problem? I mean the one where we spend more time online looking at all the amazing stuff people have made and wonderfully organized rooms... well you know what I mean, right? I thought so!
Sharon if you contact me through my contact link with your address I will mail out some goodies to you.

How about another small giveaway???
Leave a comment on this post and let me know what your favorite way to organize .
I will pick a winner and announce on next Wednesday

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  1. This looks fabulous Dawn, I wish mine looked like this. I did spend some time organising the other week - at least now I have more than two inches square to work in - really must get DH to get cracking with my shelving!!!
    Keep up the good work!
    Dawn xx

  2. Wow Dawn!... everything is so organized, it looks great!... I love your little stash of doilies!... how fun it must be for you to have all those great things handy to create your beautiful cards, scrapbooks and such... but, where is Pippi's spot?... xoxo Julie Marie

  3. I admire your zeal to lay all these materials. Well it all fits together. Very willingly would I worked in your studio. Everything is transparent and at hand. This idea of ​​the mat with pockets is great. A wonderful collection of lace. Just take the job. I really envy you :) I wish you many great ideas so beautifully organized room.
    Hugs Mili

  4. Everything looks great! Isn't it amazing what you find that you already have when you organize! My favorite way of organizing is to label bins in the laudry room to keep misc. stuff in order! Thanks for the giveaway and for linking up to our party!


  5. WAw this is great, you are very orginized, I dont have so much stuff, but what I have I have in little boxes. :) Thanks for the chance. Hugs;moni

  6. i sure hope i'm getting a SUITCASE full of stuff!!! LOL.

    i like the "hanging pockets" for stuff. i may steal that idea!

    looking forward to your call.

    hus :)

    p.s. how soon do you want that crafter's companion cd????

  7. some really great ideas! You have so many fabulous crafting goodies, I want to come and play! ;)

  8. I think this looks absolute like craftyness, lol, everything clear and easy to reach, love that. Am in the process of doing a bit of re-organizing myself, but working full-time just leaves one with so much time, lol
    Those hanging organizers is da bomb, would work perfectly here, will look into that one, like to see............:))
    lotsa luv

  9. you have some wonderful craft goodies, and all so organised too,there is so much too see just love it also thanks for becoming a follower of my blog love cherylxxxxx

  10. well done. my favorite way to organize is using clear plastic containers. i like being able to see what i have on hand.
    littlen44 at gmail dot com

  11. Thanks for checking out my project at CC! Your work surface looks so organized! Oh, don't apologize for your craft mat. They're supposed to get dirty. It only means its gotten plenty of use ;)

  12. Awesome stuff girl!! Congrats to the winner! Hmmm, my fav way of organizing these days is to atleast keep everything in one room! LOL!

  13. Your organizing is fabulous. :)

  14. Such a great improvement, just awesome! It's amazing how many different pieces of storage we need to hold all of the little embellishments!!

    Thanks so much for linking up to the challenge!


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