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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Impossible? I Don't Think So

I am so excited to say I have joined in with a few very inspiring bloggers- They have all set goals to tackle this month. There are some organizing ideas I have been wanting to implement in my Craft Cave
I am proud to say even though I didn't tackle the LARGE project yet I did tackle many small ones.
 I have been working on organizing my embellishments
 I have been working on eliminating or sharing some of my extra ribbons I don't use much
 I have been using and organizing my flowers and laces and trims so I know what I have.
These are only a few things I am sharing- these are pictures I have shared before. I am hoping to have a better view of more organized areas to show by the end of the month.

Andrea is one of the sweetest ladies I follow and she has shared some of her organizing this week- these fun flowers are for sale in her Etsy shop
***Karah over at The Space Between is making great strides....hanging all this with one hole????

***Kelly over at Eclectically Vintage is in the process of conquering her basement (check it out)

***Linda over at it all started with paint has tons of updates!
***Stacey at A Sort of FairyTale has a little purse update...

***and Kari from Thistlewood has some news on her challenge...
baking bread...
So do you have any lofty ideas you have been wanting to tackle? Let me know in the comment section what you need to tackle.
Would love to have you join me with at least one goal for this year.

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  1. ooh your ribbon looks so pretty hanging up like that! I need to come up with a better ribbon storage solution.. this may be the way to go! Have a happy crafty day!

  2. Love reading about your goals. Your ribbon storage looks fabulous. I've got mine all stuffed in vases by color. Fun seeing different parts of your room too. I spy some CTMH inks. I have those too, lol. Thanks for help w/ PS this morning :)

  3. Oh I have got to check out a few of your friends, my lofty impossibility is to do a craft fair and as you read, I'm set to do it. Your organizing is great ....WOW. Oh your suggestion of making plaster ornaments for furniture and selling them at the Fancy Flea is something I am going to try and get to, great idea!

  4. Looks like you have been busy organizing Dawn! All that ribbon displayed looks oh so pretty!

  5. This is a great idea. I need to organize my embellishments too. :)

  6. i am sooooooooooooooooooooooo thrilled to see you joining us!!! whohoooooooooooooooooooooo!!!! can't wait for the grand finale!!!! sending hugs!!!!

  7. WoW! I'm so glad you've joined the challenge. Thanks so much for linking up in your post. You are making great progress! I look forward to seeing you linked up on the 31st.
    I am your newest follower.

  8. Can't wait to see that Craft Cave transformed! Thanks for joining our challenge!!

  9. Thank you so much for participating in our challenge (and it looks like you are well on your way)! And thanks for the shout out!


  10. do you really use that wheel for your stickers???? does it work well? i put mine in sleeves and binders. i love the jars with all those resin flowers. really? ALL THOSE RESIN FLOWERS???? does she want to share some of them? - LOL

    stay warm sunshine!


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