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Monday, November 7, 2011

Check Out My New Design

 Well, what do you think? Are you liking my new design?
I am loving the custom header Jeanette created for me, and the overall design is spectacular.
I am so pleased with the ease of having this done, but most of all how Jeanette really "heard" what I was saying and created this design.

Let me share a couple links with you, to check out my TWITTER PAGE and my ETSY PAGE.

If your looking for something new and need some ideas-check out Crafty Hippo Design...there are so many options available to help you get what you would like.

I am thrilled that Jeanette is letting me pass on the discount info to you 
Jeannette Aurora is the designer behind Crafty Hippo Designs who did my blog design. She created Crafty Hippo Designs to expand on her love of blog design and to keep from annoying her readers by re-designing her own blogs every other week. Blog designing is her creative outlet and she really loves what she does. Jeannette believes that a makeover is a luxurious and relaxing event, so why should your blog makeover be any different? She offers unique, beautiful, and affordable blog designs to fit your needs. With Crafty Hippo Designs your blog makeover process will be a pampering experience. Let her cater to your every need!

Crafty Hippo Designs offers Facebook welcome pages, Twitter and BlogFrog backgrounds, Etsy store banners and avatars, and three complete blog makeover packages: the Relaxing Design Package which includes 5 points worth of extras, the Glamorous Design Package which includes 10 points worth of extras, and the Luxurious Package which includes all her possible extras. Each of these three designs comes with a custom header, blog background, coordinating text colors, your choice of blog template/layout, and installation. Her extra design elements include three different kinds of navigation bars, custom fonts for sidebar widgets and post titles, sidebar and post title background images, signature, post divider, custom social networking icons, and more! You can see all her designs and extras here. You can also check out her portfolio to see some of her past work. She always offers a 10% discount to military bloggers. And she also offers a 10% discount for returning customers and for a referral program which stack. You can read all about it at the bottom of her terms and conditions page here.

Her designs are normally priced at $30 for the Relaxing package, $50 for the Glamorous package, and $70 for the Luxurious package with all the bells and whistles but right now she is offering you two different discount options. You can choose to receive 20% off all her design services, including a custom blog design, social networking remake and/or etsy design, or you can help her promote her business by posting about your experience working with her on your blog, facebook, blogfrog, or twitter account after your design is completed like I have and get 40% off all her design services! That means you can get a complete custom blog design for as little as $18, or a social networking remake for only $16, if you head over to her site today and fill out her design order form

Thank you again Jeanette for making this possible, and making my Pippie part of the package!
Please tell her you seen my design and sent you over from Dawn's Craft place and More

***The first person to notice the special "idea" I had Jeanette create will get a small gift from me.***
We have a winner!
Jengd  guessed my favorite part of the new design...I gave Jeanette pictures of my Pippie and she put them in frames on the wall of the home- Love it!!!
Jengd please contact me with your address so I can send you a little something.

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  1. Great design! I'm going to guess the furbaby photos on the walls of your room- that's cute! :)

  2. Your new blog design looks fantastic Dawn, love it.
    Lorraine x

  3. omg! i want one! i love your new blog look. i sooooooooo want a new blog look... when i have a few $$$$ to spend. love this one. i'm so jealous!

    hugs :)

  4. Love the new look! Great to see Pippie in th header too!


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