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Sunday, April 10, 2011

It's Not Personal

Hey everyone- How was your weekend? Did you have beautiful weather like we did in WI?

I have no craft today to share- really I do but blogger is not my friend the last few days. Blogger won't let me load any new pictures, it hasn't been posting my posts when I isn't personal I am sure!

Thought I would give a couple updates about the week ahead.
I have a new blog hop coming up this weekend that is from The Alter Page ning community- excited to show you what I have been working on... OH YEA I have a really fun giveaway on my blog for that hop.
I know there will be other prizes along the way.

So if I haven't been around to your blog the last few days - it is because I couldn't get your page to load or it loaded but wouldn't let me comment.
My computer has been acting up ever since the last update from Microsoft- changed my settings, lost some of my bookmarked pages, I am not sure if this is personal or not!

I will do my best to continue dropping in and commenting when I can- Google Reader has some of my blogs(so I can keep updated) I follow but I have lost a few along the way- crazy, crazy, that is for sure.

So what is new with you this week? Hope your well and enjoying lots of crafty moments!


  1. Hope you get your PC or reader sorted, not good when you can't load your addictions up ;-) beeheee!

  2. Blogger can be such a stinker sometimes!! Our weather was GORGEOUS the last few days too! We even hit 80!

  3. Our weather here has been warm, though not sunny. I can deal with that though, I just hate the cold, so this is making me a happy camper.
    Don't computers just stink sometimes? I hate when they act up, but what would we do without them? Hope it all works out soon.

  4. well at least we can come here!

    today it's 65! the kids just left and hubby definitely perked up. now he's ready to go out to eat - yaayy.

    hugs :)

  5. Oh, Dawn, what a bother! Computers are wonderful...when they work, right??
    I agree that we had just wonderful weather in WI this weekend. I am ready for it to stick around!

  6. Hi It was a beauty this weekend. I hope all the computer and blog problem go away.

  7. Gotta luv out technology, lol, mine has been playing funny tricks with me too, takes forever to get somewhere, at least i landed..hehehe
    hope yours get sorted!!
    lotsa luv

  8. Hi Dawn, I also hope you can come here soon to your updates
    love your crafts


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