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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Today Is The Wedding Day

 As you are viewing these projects today We will be attending our youngest son's wedding.
I am beyond thrilled and so darn proud of them both.
God has given me another daughter knowing I had plenty of love to go around for another child.

I spent December trying to make some gifts for my future DIL. Did you already see the bridesmaids gift boxes ?
Today I want to share a couple pictures of two albums and a frame I made for the sign in area.
My Dil has chosen red- black and white as her colors.
 This is the stand up frame and I used a Corinthians quote to share  inside.
 This is one of the albums, not sure I like the black swirls on there, so
I gave her the choice of removing them.

 This is the second album I made. That is not their picture- just a stock photo in the album
I really enjoyed the clean look of these colors together. Most of all I am glad she likes at least one of these to use for the Wedding.
Thanks for popping in to view my pictures- I know I have enjoyed all your comments as I shared as much as I could.
Which one do you think she chose to use for the wedding??? 

Please leave some good wishes and blessings for the couple - we all  appreciate your prayers and  most of all your friendship

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  1. How exciting and what beautiful things you have created for their special day! I'd guess the second album ,only because they can put their photo front and center, Love the color choices so dramatic!

  2. Dramatic choice of colours indeed! Stunning projects Dawn!
    Have a wonderful day at the wedding! I hope the sun shines on you all!
    Dawn xxx

  3. Oh, Dawn! The projects are just stunning!!!

    Many congratulations to you on gaining a daughter!!! And, many congratulations to the very happy couple!!! They already have so much love going forward!

  4. Congratulations to you all!

    Beautiful Mini Album and frame! Hope its an awesome day, can't wait to see scrappages of the blessed event, and wish them all the happiness in the world!

    Have Fun Proud Momma!

  5. Dawn these are stunning, I hope you have a wonderful day and the sun shines for you all and for the happy couple may the sun shine in their hearts always! have a BRILLIANT time at the wedding and a fabulous weekend, hugs Samantha :0)

  6. How fun! I like the second one posted. Did she choose that one? Those were going to be the colors of my wedding before we found out I was deploying and opted to just go to the Justice of the Peace with our families in tow!

  7. she'll be a very good DIL and take both. they're both absolutely gorgeous! CONGRATS TO THE HAPPY COUPLE!

    p.s. you won my flyer candy. i'll send your pkg ASAP.

    hugs :)

  8. Hi Dawn, wishing you all a beautiful day filled with love... xoxo Julie Marie

  9. I'm guessing the 2nd one. Great job!

  10. Best wishes to the new couple! I love that frame, great idea. I think my favorite is the second album.

  11. Big congratulations to the beautiful couple and to you and your husband... Her color choice is beautiful and I think she chose the 2nd album!!! Hugs!!!

  12. Ur projects are simple Beautiful!!
    Big congratulations to the beautiful couple and to you and your husband...

  13. Your projects are SOOO beautiful! I'm not sure how your DIL would have chosen...I think she decided to use them both. Dawn, they are simply gorgeous.
    Congratulations to the happy couple! And how wonderful that you have gained a new daughter. God is so good!!
    Blessing to all!

  14. These are all so gorgeous!! I love the Brides choice of colors!! I think she probably picked the 2nd one, since they will be able to display their wedding photo!! But.... if it was me, I would say I want to use BOTH!!!

    Congratulations to the happy couple!!! I wish you a very wonderful, blissful, & loving marriage!

    okj83 at live dot com

  15. Everything looks gorgeous! I am sure it was a wonderful day.

  16. OH HAPPY DAY!!! :) Many blessings for their marriage!

    Everything is really lovely but I am guessing she chose the second I right??

    Also, congrats on your win from Glitterbabe!


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