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Friday, April 30, 2010

Easter Tri-Fold Album I Finished (Large Post)

Yea I finally finished my album!!!
I am so excited to share this with you today...
I have been wanting to complete this album after I watched Paper Phenomenon-  Kathy's u stream videos (day 1- day 2 ).
If you stopped on Wednesday I am sure you seen my tag I completed .
So here are many pictures of the many gate- folds and slider pages...
This is the cover of the very full album...I know it isn't perfect but I just love my first try at making an album out of chipboard, paper bags from Michael 's, batting, and fabric...there are all these parts that move and are chunky and just fun!!!
This is what the album looks like when you open the Velcro cover enclosure - I love the colors of this wonderful paper pack. I made tags that slide in and out using tags punched out with SU tab punch.

This is one of the first gate- fold pages, isn't that wire flower a fun  closure idea? When I seen this I knew I had to use as a closure.
This is the inside of the cover and just a sampling of some of the fun paper and ribbons used.

Here is another one of the gate fold opening pages. Isn't that a fun idea? I love the bling . It was so hard to take pictures to show how wonderful these pages are.
Another gate-fold opening page using a chipboard enclosure.
Here is another gate-fold opening page.Don't you love all these unusual items you wouldn't think of using in an album.

 aren't all those embellishments so yummy? Didn't waste any of the scraps of paper or ribbon.
This is the bottom or back of last pages... I sure hope that makes sense.
 If you have any questions please let me know.I thought about doing a video so I could show all the pages, let me know if your interested in seeing more. Hope you check out Kathy's page and see all the fun projects she does.
Well I hope you enjoyed all the pictures of this enormous album. Thanks for visiting!!!


  1. I love it. I love mini albums. Before I read the post when I was just looking at the first picture thinking... is that fabric? then you said it is. Very neat idea.

    This came out great.

  2. Awesome work Dawn. It's so bright & fun!!

  3. omg!!! i love it! this is gorgeous! holy moly!!!! wow!

    question: how did you highlight your sentence?????? i love that look and i cannot figure out how to do it!

  4. Hi Dawn, that is just the cutest thing ever! I love all the bright colors and different pages... I especially love the little pinwheel on the cover! xoxo Julie Marie

  5. That looks awesome!!!

    You did fantastic girl, would totally love to see vid if you want...

  6. Wow - this is wonderful. I saw it on my google reader this morning but wanted to wait until I had more time to look at the pics. Great job Dawn!

  7. Wow...this is so neat!!!! How long did it take you to do...I Love making albums and tags......a really really neat project with all those fab and yummy details!!

  8. WOWIE!!! I need to study this to take lessons for my first album! I keep putting it off but I just need to do it!

  9. Incredible Dawn, this looks amazing. Obviously so much love and time went in to this with wonderful results.

  10. This is so AWESOME Dawn! I so love minis!!!


  11. So colorful and springy! Love all the embellies!

  12. Omg!!! i love this very cute where did u get the items to do this?

  13. I bought this identical kit from paper phenomenon also. Kathy certainly has a knack for chosing some fantastic things to put in her kits she sells. You've done a brilliant job on the mini. I haven't finished mine yet but am looking forward to it. You've inspired me to finish mine!


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