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Saturday, February 6, 2010

My Favorite Tools to Use

What kind of tools do you like to use? Are you like me and want to try several? Maybe you have just a few and are loyal to them. Below are a few of my really favorite tools I always have out near me or carry when I go to crops or classes or get togethers.
Here is the glue rider Max tape gun with a full one inch of strong or permanent adhesive. I love to use this for scrapbook layouts without a lot of little details. I also use when making bigger craft projects. These can be found at your local bigger department size craft stores, I purchased mine at Hobby lobby and got a great deal when I found some refill cartidges on clearance.
This is the Glue Rider Pro- this little cutie is great to carry along when I go to make n takes. It fits in my purse without being a heavy burden to carry. The cartridges are super easy to pop in and out. I purchased this from Hobby Lobby also and love to use my 40% coupon to purchase refills.
Now this baby is my all time favorite tool that I use and swear by the investment. I actually received this set as a Christmas gift from my good friend Huggin Mary, can you believe she bought me all this ? I know how lucky I am , because she knew how much I wanted this tape gun, and went and bought it for me.
I have seen this available in several places but this one was purchased through our WI based store U-line.
I have the 1/4 inch adaptor on mine so I use it for everything and it doesn't matter how big or small the pieces are I am attaching. It has saved me buying many glue runners.
Here is one more tool today that I just love to use. I must admit this was also a gift, from Huggin Mary! LOL I bet everyone wants her as a friend now?
I had this tool for some time before I finally asked a TAC demonstrator to show me how she used her's then I was hooked! I love to show people how to use this baby any chance I can get- it has come in handy for many other projects not related to crafts. I always joke I need to hide this case because I showed my honey how to use it and he comes up with things to use it on a daily basis.

Well those are a few of my favorite things to share, how about telling me about a few of yours? I was thinking about doing this every so often so we can all get ideas and share are favorites- what do you think?
Thanks for your visits, you know I love ya all!!!


  1. I agree with your ATG gun, Dont have the others but I guess I dont know how to properly use the crop a dile, since I only use it occasionally!

  2. Hi Dawn... wow! Things have sure changed... I am still using my old hot melt glue gun I bought about 20 years ago! (and still burning myself on the glue!)... xoxo Julie Marie

  3. Such fun tools! We call that tape gun the "Big Max" My gf has it and loves it. I stick with Creative Memories tape runner.
    Kim xXx

  4. Those tools look great!

    I don't really have many at all! Hard to believe I only started out 6 months ago. I still need to get a paper trimmer! lol.

    I have punches that I LOVE and I mainly use double sided foam tape, or glue.

    Other than that, my cuttlebug which I adore and only just got a few weeks ago now!

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. LOL. Was this partly for me!? lol.

    Awesome. The glue glider pro is permanent right? just like tombow only much cheaper? Please tell me it is!

  6. I have wanted to try the ATG gun.It just looks so big and unwieldy.
    LOVE me my cropadile.

  7. This info and your opinion was very helpful. I've wondered how the Glue Glider pro did with card making. It always looked so big and bulky. Thanks for sharing this info. Best, Curt

  8. Interesting to see what others like! I love my Tombow runner and have used it for years and years. I have the crop-o-dile and use it for making holes in chipboard and metal. I use the chomper much more, though, for rounding corners. Great post!

  9. Thanks so much for your kinds words on my blog...always appreciated!
    Now I'm glad you brought tools up...a long time ago I asked on my blog about paper trimmers...didn't get much response. What type of paper trimmer do you like? Right now I have a very very cheap one through a mail order is on its last leg so I'm looking to upgrade.

  10. What a great list of must haves Dawn! When I was first introduced to an ATG gun I thought my friend was being eccentric but I cannot live without mine now! Beth

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