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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I am still here,have you missed me?

Hello everyone,
Just wanted to let you all know I am still here, just have been working on some new ventures.
Some of you know my friend Karen will be launching a new business very soon.We are working hard on all the details so the launch is successful. Please keep watching for information on my blog.
Unfortunately I have not had a lot of time to play or make many projects.The few projects I have made are surprises for the new site or conventions so I can't show them.
Thank you all for the great comments and e-mails it really makes my day. I apologize for not getting to all the blogs I usually do, I try to visit a few each day to keep up with new projects and because I miss the daily doses of friendship.
A big hugz to all of you...


  1. Hi Dawn,
    Am waiting with baited breath!!!! Can you hurry please, I'm going blue! LOL
    Dawn xx

  2. Oh yeah girl, we miss ya...and your creations! That's okay though, I totally understand...and how awesome about your business venture!!

  3. We ALL miss you! However, we certainly understand why you have been MIA! You sure are getting the monopoly on 'blue' friends though! We really ARE holding our breath! So exciting!!! Take care...

  4. I do miss you, lots! you and Karen must be very busy! I wish her lots of good wishes as she is about to launch! I know you are a HUGE help to her and hugs to you both! Good luck!
    kim xXX

  5. You only took two days off. I hope you are having lots of fun.
    You said you are coming to my area for a card and scrapbook show. Is it the one at the Alliant Energy Center in Madison? I just heard about it today. I would love to go to the class on the slider card but that is on Friday during the day. Email me and tell me what you are doing. I would love to meet you in person. Have you been to it before? is it fun?
    Thanks for keeping up with my blog and the words of encouragement. They really mean a lot.


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