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Friday, June 26, 2009

My baby's college graduation pictures & family photos

I finally got a few pictures of my youngest son Shane's graduation. We went to Delaware the 1st week of June and spent five days visiting and celebrating with our family and Shane's future in-laws. I just have to say how special my future daughter-in-law and her family are, we are just so in love with them all.Richard took all the pictures I will be sharing, can you tell how proud we are of Shane in these? Isn't Jennifer a beautiful girl?
There is also a group shot with my daughter Melissa and my husband Don and Shane and Jennifer with me. I always miss my daughter since she lives on the east coast also, she always dreads me getting pictures of her, but I need to have reminders of our time together. She is so beautiful inside and out and is always one of the special people that just makes me laugh.
Can you tell I am a proud parent or what??? I hate my picture being taken but this is my third month of not thinking about how I look but just posting them as they are,whether I look fat, or dumpy,I want pictures for my family and friends to look back at when I am old or gone.
Thanks for letting me share a little part of my life.


  1. Dawn, great photos. I feel the same way about having my photo taken, but you are right, you gotta do it for the family. My daughter just got her AS degree. She decided not to walk so when I got home from work today, there was her diploma leaning against the front door. At least the postman was kind enough to walk it up and not try to stuff it in the mail box. No photo op there!

  2. Oh how proud you must be, congrats to you too because Mom I know you encouraged and praised him for 4 years!!!

  3. You are the proud parent!
    And a beautiful family. Thanks for posting the pictures. It's nice to put the faces with the names.

  4. what a handsome son! and great looking family!


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